Crystal Fair 2014

"The Con will last forever!" - Tabitha St. Germain

So yeah, last weekend there was a brony convention at Finlandia Hall. And It. Was. AWESOME! I mean seriously, an international con with three awesome guests of honor, house full of friendly people and an atmosphere so great you could almost taste it in the air, how could that not have been just simply magnificent. 

Where to begin? There's just too much to tell! Oh well, from the beginning I presume.

On Friday we didn't cosplay. Except for Willow Wisp, who wore her Coco Pommel costume while the rest of us went in with casual clothing. 

The start was promising, although we were a bit disappointed to find out that Crystal Fair hadn't rented the biggest stage of Finlandia Hall, but then again there weren't that much visitors so it's understandable. The opening ceremony wasn't the best of what we've seen, yet it was really good.

Anneli Heed, Spitfire's swedish voice actor. As one of the quests of honor she opened the convention by playing a flugelhorn. The sound was... interesting.

Finlandia Hall is the best convention house ever! I mean look at all the space! One does not simply feel cramped in this con.

We did not except to see much cosplaying. But instead we were pleasantly surprised by these beautiful costumes. We only got few photos, even though we would've wanted so many more.

Left: Aurora, the mascot of Crystal Fair 
Right: an awesome SnowDrop cosplay (we're awfully sorry for mistaking her to be Lyra D: )

Left: Very pretty and oh so cute Equestria Fluttershy! She won one of the prizes of cosplay contest and she truly deserved it! <3
Right: Our friends, Gala Twilight and Rainbow Dash (they also won at the competition and once again, deserved it) with Gala Flutterguy.

Friday went by nice and smooth, to make the time flow we sang along MLP songs, attended to a few panels and ate cookies. Also the merchandise stands were looking awesome and we did go through them a few times. Still in the end we left early because we had quite a lot to do to finish our costumes.

And then, finally the day we had waited the most came to be: Saturday! After around 4 hours of sleep and a huge amount of make-up to hide shadows under our eyes we were standing in front of Finlandia Hall with our new costumes on.

After one and a half week and 200 euros per costume we have for presentation Princess Yolostia with a banana and Gamer Luna!

And a Chrysalis costume done in half a year alongside almost 300 euros.

With these costumes we also participated to the cosplay competition but we didn't win any prizes. Oh well, better luck next time, it still was an awesome experience as it was our first contest after all. :) We'd wish to congratulate all the lovely winners and to tell all the participants that you were all amazing!

This day went by fast, almost too fast. As the evening drew nearer and it was time to retreat to our quarters for refreshment before the evening party aka Operation Pon-3. Before leaving though we decided to go for a little photoshooting to the National Museum on the other side of the road. 
Here's some results:

At 8:00 pm Operation Pon-3 started! Yay! Awesome party, loved the songs and artists. We even got asked for a dance or two. Sadly we left quite early since we were horribly exhausted and we still had to wake up quite early to get ready.

Sunday was pretty much just chilling, as much as you can call being in a costume chilling. We talked to many wonderful bronies! Wonderful such as the lovely guys at the ending ceremony who gave their seats to us! That was so sweet. Thank you!

We'd also like to thank everypony at Crystal Fair for pretty much everything. It was a crazy good con, and it certainly reached the top of the best-cons-ever-list. The atmosphere was just indescribable. So thank you all for making it such a wonderful experience!


By the way, if you have any pictures of us, feel free to post them as you want. We'd like it if you'd add a link or tag, depending on the website. :) We are also reachable at Twitter!


Coco Pommel (MLP)

Tässä kuvia meidän photoshootista. Hahmo on Coco Pommel My Little Ponysta ja cossaaja on Willow Wisp.

Here's pictures from our photoshoot. The character is Coco Pommel from My Little Pony and the cosplay is made by Willow Wisp. 


Mimicon 2014

Eli lähettiin perjantaina 16.5 Mimiconiin Mikkeliin, ja meidän "perinteisellä" tavalla kerrotaan siitä päiväkirjatyylillä :D Kaiken kaikkiaan viikonloppu oli väsyttävä ja sekava, mutta kuitenki ihana niinku conit aina on kaikesta tuskasta huolimatta.

With our "traditional" diary style, we have the honor to tell you about Mimicon 2014, held at Mikkeli 16.5. Summarizing everything, the weekend was messy and tiring, but still regardless to those two things it was as wonderful as conventions always are.

Perjantai/ Friday

6:00 pm

Jes! Koeviikko on takana ja automatka Helsingistä Mikkeliin edessä. Ysiluokan viimenen panostus on vienyt niin paljon aikaa, ettei blogin päivittämisestä oikeen oo tullut mitään. Nyt kuitenkin ollaan menossa Mimiconiin ja stressi on ohi - tai ainakin melkein.

Yeah! Exam week is behind and the drive from Helsinki to Mikkeli ahead! The last few weeks have been horrible, we've been as busy as bees in building our final grades for apllying to upper secondary school(=highschool). That's why it's been so quiet around here lately. But finally we're on our way to Mimicon with all the stress far behind - or at least almost.

...jep, cossien tekeminen on jäänyt (taas) vähän viime tinkaan ja pitkä automatka hyödynnetään ompelemiseen :D vaikuttaa kuitenkin, että saadaan uudet cossit valmiiks seuraavalle päivälle.

...um yeah, the sewing. We've kinda left the finishing to the last day and last moments, so we're using the long long drive to do the last stiches. :D Though it seems as we're going to get our new costumes ready for tomorrow.

9:00 pm
Ollaan nyt perillä Willown mökillä, missä yövytään conin ajan, mutta cossit ei oo vieläkään valmiit. Niiden tekeminen jatkuu vielä muutaman tunnin ajan...

As we reach our destination, the costumes aren't ready yet. And the making process continues to the small hours...

Lauantai/ Saturday

7:00 am
Herätys! Oikein hauskaa lähteä vaan muutaman tunnin yöunien jälkeen epämukavassa cossissa coniin. Mutta ei se mitään, loppujen lopuks conit on aina sen arvosia :D
Wakey wakey! It's always a real pleasure to go to a convention in an uncomfortable cosplay after only few hours of sleep. But that's okay, conventions are always worth it all :D

9:15 am
Cossit on päällä ja ollaan valmiita lähtöön!
Costumes on and ready for take-off!

Willow Wisp on Coco Pommel, Juniper on Spitfire ja Bubble Tealla on Afrien kigurumi MapleStorysta.
From MLP we have Willow Wisp, who is Coco Pommel and Juniper who is Spitfire, and then there's Bubble Tea who is dressed in an Afrien kigurumi from MapleStory.

10:15 am
Saavutaan Mikaelille aikasin, koska pitää järkätä taidekujapaikka valmiiks ennenku conikävijät saapuu. Taidekujan sijainti oli kiva, siinä ihan etuovien vieressä :) Saadaan järkättyä pöytä (ainaki melkein) ajoissa.
We arrive at Mikaeli early, because we have an artist alley stand to put up before the other visitors arrive. The location of the artist alley is better this year: right next to the main entance :) Finally we have everything ready (almost) in time.

11:00 am
Se alkaa! Mimiconilla on muuten tänä vuonna tyyppejä cossaamassa maskotteja.
The doors open. It begins now! Btw, Mimicon had real persons cosplaying their mascots this year.

2:30 pm
Taidekujalla menee aika hiljasesti, niin lähetään seikkailulle Mikkelin keskustaan... toisin sanoen BR:ään ja syömään.
It's pretty quiet around the artist alley, so we decide to go out on an adventure towards Mikkeli's central.... In other words to buy toys and eat.

7:00 pm
Suljetaan taidekuja ja lähetään iltabileisiin.
Closing the artist alley and getting ready for the evening party.

9:00 pm
Eka conipäivä on ohi ja hauska se olikin! 
Mentiin heti nukkumaan kun päästiin mökille... eiku hups, eihän se niin mennykkää... Oikeesti säädettiin kaikkea turhaa ja mentiin taas nukkumaan ihan liian myöhään.
First con-day is over, and oh boy was it fun! As we arrive to the cottage we went straight to bed... Oh wait, that's not what happened... Actually we just stayed up and did all sorts of non-important stuff (or that's what Juniper and Willow thinks! I on the other hand was having fun)

Sunnuntai/ Sunday

7:00 am
Herätys taas tähän aikaan. Ens conissa vois tosiaan yrittää nukkua vähän enemmän.
Waking up at the same time as yesterday. We really should try sleeping a bit more during the next convention.

10:00 am
EIKÄ, kamera jäi mökille D: eli ei saatukkaan meidän cosseista parempia kuvia. Harmi sinänsä, koska Mikaelilla ja sen lähistössä on ihania kuvauspaikkoja ja säätäkään ei tarjonnut Desucon (eli aurinko paistoi ja oli lämmin). No, se tarkottaa sitä, että mennään kuvaamaan cossit myöhemmin kesällä.

NO WAY! We forgot the camera D: We never got to photoshoot our costumes! It's such a shame because Mikaeli has some real lovely places to take pictures and the weather wasn't brought to ua by Desucon (meaning that it was warm and sunny, and i'm still wondering why everybody hates rain) Welp, this only means the photoshooting has to be done somewhere later this summer.

12:00 pm
Mennään siipiluennolle, josta oli oikeesti hyötyä poniprinsessacosseja varten.
We attended to a wingmaking lesson, which was really useful regarding to our pony princess cosplays.

2:00 pm
Käydään kattomassa esityskilpailu, joka oli jotenki tooosi lyhyt verrattuna siihen, mitä muissa coneissa on ollu.
Went to see the show competition, which was suprisingly short considering all the other competitions we've seen in other conventions.

5:00 pm
Päättäjäiset alkaa ja Mimicon loppuu :c vuoden päästä uudestaan!
The ending begins and so this year's Mimicon is nearing it's end. :c Goodbye Mimicon, see you next year.


Seuraavissa postauksissa tuutte sitten näkemään photoshootteja, Crystal Fair- cossien etenemistä ja postaukset Desuconista ja Hypeconista (toivottavasti). 
In our next upcoming posts you'll be seeing photoshoots, Crystal Fair- costumes making process and the posts form Desucon and Hypecon (hopefully).


Cococosplay & Mimiconin taidekuja

Tänään täällä kirjoittelee Willow Wisp :)

Viikko aikaa Mimiconiin, siis täydellinen aika aloittaa cossin tekeminen. Yritän nyt tänä viikonloppuna saada kasaan Coco Pommel -cossin. Ens viikolla on koeviikko, joten aikaa ei ainakaan ole liikaa

Today it's Willow Wisp writing here :)

One week left to Mimicon, what a perfect time to start making the cospaly outfit. I'll try to make the Coco Pommel -cosplay outfit together this weekend. Next week I have exams in school, so there's really not too much time.

Kävin tänään ostamassa cossiin vähän tarvikkeita:

-kengät, UFF 5€ (älkää pelätkö, aion maalata ne epäkiiltävimmiksi)
-laukku, Kontti 2€
-punainen huivi, Kontti 2€
-kankaanpala hameeseen, Kontti 0,85€
Ostin myös vauvatalkkia, jolla yritän saada peruukista kiillon pois :)

I went out today and bought some materials for my cosplay:

-shoes, UFF 5€ (don't be afraid, I'll paint them to make them less glossy)
-bag, Kontti 2€
-red scarf, Kontti 2€
-a piece of fabric for the skirt, Kontti 0,85€
I also bought some baby powder to make the wig look less shiny

Suurin osa materiaaleista on jo kasassa, nyt pitäisi vain saada tehtyä jotain. Yritän kirjoittaa vielä tänä viikonloppuna postauksen cossin edistymisestä, jos ehdin.

I have mostly the mateials I need, now I only have to do something. I'll try to write a post about the making progress, if I have time.

Viikon päästä lähdemme siis kaikki kolme Mikkeliin Mimiconiin, mistä meidät löytää taidekujapöydältämme. Jos siis olet Mimiconiin tulossa, älkä epäröi käydä moikkaamassa ja katsomassa myytäviä tavaroita :D

A week from now all of us three are going to Mikkeli to Mimicon, where we can be found on our art alley table. So if you're going to Mimicon, don't hesitate to come to say hello and look at the things we have on sale :D


Photoshoot Bloopers

Kukkuu! :D Päätettiin pistää tänne vielä jotain ylimääräsiä/ pistämättä jääneitä/ bloopers-kuvia ponilaneista. 

Muuten, sinä tuntematon henkilö, joka olit päättänyt ladata meidän kuvat derpibooruun, ois kiva tietää, kuka oot :D meillä oli hämmentävä keskustelu ku huomattiin että meiän kuvat on sinne ladattu mut lataaja ei ollu meistä kukaan XD ja ei, ei se haittaa että olit ne sinne ladannu: olit kuitenki pistäny lähteet joten niiden sinne lataaminen oli vaan hyvä juttu. Joten jos jaksat nii jatka vaan c: 
(tosin toivottais ettet latais näitä bloopers-kuvia sinne :D)

Peekaboo! :D We had some "leftover"(aka blooper) pics (left out for reasons...) from our latest phooshoot session. And what's a better idea than sharing them with you?

Btw, you unidentified person who has taken his/her job to download our pictures to derpibooru, we'd like to know who you are :D we had a confused conversation when we noticed the pictures there, but none of us had uploaded them xD and so just that you know, it's okay that you've submitted our pictures and drawings there: you had the sources right (what other uploaders could take in to their consideration in any case) which we are grateful for so it's only a good thing that you have them in derpibooru. So, you have our permission to continue c:
Best regards to you 

Tähän loppuun vielä pieni kiitos ja anteeksi:
Kiitos mielettömästi kahdellekymmenelle lukijalle, ja anteeks jos ei olla oltu erityisen aktiivisia :I

And to the end of this post a small thank you and sorry:
For our twenty readers, thank you madly, and sorry that we haven't been remarkably active :I